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Vanty International is a specialist staffing company for the technology world, operating in 12 countries across 3 regions: the US & Canada, Northern EMEA and Southern EMEA. Our innovative service offers guaranteed headcount fulfilment within an agreed timeframe across our permanent and temporary talent solutions. Our 100% virtual organisation model provides in-country expertise, diversity and fully scalable hiring coverage for our global customers.



The Early Bird

Go On You Can Do It! The pressure and stress must be getting to you now, for all you final year graduates you are entering into the last hurdle, but can you see the light at the end of the tunnel?

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What will be your New Year resolutions for 2015?

Many of us make New Year resolutions, but just as many fail sticking to these goals by the end of January, it is like a distant memory. So for 2015, why not prepare yourself properly and set some positive, achievable resolutions. Because it feels so much better to have succeeded, than to have failed again!

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web summit

Web Summit 2014

Even though the event is now over, media and participants are still reeling from the 2014s Dublin Web Summit. The Summit captured Irish and worldwide media, it trended on Twitter like a summer blockbuster, having all the elements of a Hollywood adventure: anticipation, suspense, excitement, and even a Hollywood star. Aside from the internet problem the week was a complete success, marking Ireland as one of the top tech hubs. Find out below, the best bits from the Summit and who are the companies to look out for in the future.

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New Year, New Career




If you have been searching for a new career all year and feel like you want to give up, or you feel like you need a new career path for 2015, do not let the holiday season slow you down.
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Vanty International on TV


Vanessa Tierney (CEO) was a featured guest at “late lunch live” for a series of interviews where  she discussed how Vanty International can help candidates to make their next career steps and launch into their dream job!

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