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Why Choose a Recruitment agency?



Even though the economic climate is heating up for the better, it can still be harsh out in the competitive working world when it comes to finding your right career. What are the benefits of using recruiters to find your dream career? Well here are just some of the reasons to use recruitment agencies in the hunt for your career, and also some tips to help you on your way.


They Know the industry                                                  

Recruiters are trained to find the right people, many at a higher level then most HR departments. They are tasked with finding the right people for the right job. They have experts in special fields, which means they would have better job knowledge and know the practices in recruiting the right staff.

Tip: Try finding an agency that focuses in your field of work, e.g. At Vanty International we specialise in the IT sector and have employees that are experts in the technology field.


Recruiter’s Advice

As with the above the recruiters would be experts in their field and can talk you through each stage of the application process. If you are unsure on where you want your career to go, speak to a recruiter about your skills and training, with their expert knowledge they can lead you down the right path in choosing a career. They will also have tips and advice on your CV/Cover letter to maximise them to their full potential. There may be areas which you over looked in your experience that may be the key to your successful employment.

One application can lead to many

In taking the time to speak to a recruitment agency you could be potentially speaking to multiple employers across the globe. Many recruitment agencies cover wide ranges of companies and fields. Here at Vanty we are connected globally across five continents in over 30 countries. Speaking to us you are speaking to multiple companies all over the world.

Tip: Don’t lose contact, if you haven’t heard from your recruiter in a while, send them a quick email asking for any updates or if any positions in your field have come up.



 Standing out from the crowd 

Recruiters are the experts in their field and have years of experience and knowledge, over these years they would have built up solid working relationships. You are giving yourself the edge in interviews, employers will know that the recruiter will have screened you already and would only be sending the best person for the job. Their goal is to make both you and your future employer happy. They are the mediators and can help with salary negotiations so that both parties are satisfied, and will have many successful years working together.


To find your right path check out our Twitter account for instant updates about our latest positions or send your CV via our website for further information.

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Client Testimonial- FINCAD

Find out what the FINCAD’s HR Generalist has to say about working with Vanty.

“My name is Allan Lau and I am the HR Generalist at FINCAD. I was introduced to Vanty by one of the managers in our Dublin office and in a matter of 1 year, they were able to help us fill 3 crucial positions that were very difficult to fill.

Partnering with Vanty made my job easier, especially since I didn’t have any expertise with recruitment outside of Canada. With Vanty’s help, we filled technical roles in Dublin, New York, and Vancouver.

It was great working with the Vanty team as they were professional and responsive and they knew where to find talent.”

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